I've just launched my Pledge Music project - an album of all the songs I've been performing on my Ready Steady Girls Tour.

I hope you can come on this fantastic journey with me so the album can be released early 2016

Here's a link to Pledge Music to see how you can get involved:-





ps... new website coming soon

"Wilson is a story teller par excellence." John Eyles allaboutjazz.com


"Her brilliant version of Springfield’s “I Only Want to Be With You” is on the album. Her version is slower and more emotional. Wilson’s voice is just absolutely divine; soulful, powerful, emotional. She is a storyteller as well as a singer, and that is the description of what makes a great singer." frostmagazine.com


"Cover Stories it’s the right companion for early spring rainy evenings, a perfect soundtrack to a black and white silent melancholic film." aaamusic.co.uk


It is a testament to Mari's vocal intelligence and musicality that there is not one dud in this set. The voice itself is rich, smoky and as pure and clear as it always has been. Mari's singing caresses the ears like a pair of velvet slippers soothe your feet. Andrew Gilliver/Amazon.co.uk

"Curiously, one standout is her re-imagining of one of the more obvious choices: Springfield's 'I Only Want To Be With You', rescuing it from a decades' worth of talent show mauling by stripping away the surface to leave the bare emotional message. And that's the general approach: just Wilson's timeless voice and basic arrangements of piano, bass or keys that are never in danger of ever running away and which, in less experienced hands, might prove samey but here just pull you in for the duration". thedigitalfix.com

"Cover Stories is a very solid album from Mari Wilson, and it’s great to her tackle these well known songs and really put a new and fresh spin on them. Her vocals are as strong as ever and she really does bring these songs to life". femalefirst.co.uk

and thank you for your lovely messages and all the great feedback - here are some examples:-

"For once your warm, lovely, and deeply expressive voice doesn't have to co-star with clever production and arrangements, instead floating above sparse, intimate settings that let me enjoy familiar songs as if for the first time. Both you and the songs seem to almost literally embrace me like old friends, in fact reminding of the Simon and Garfunkel tune of the same name. You've done something very special here, Mari. I'm proud to have helped in my small way to bring your dream to fruition by pledging, and I hope that the record gets widely heard and supported in general release. It's great to hear that it's getting played..." David Young on Facebook

"very nice: effortlessly cool and unmistakably you" @TheMichaelMoran on Twitter